The reFRESH Estero Boulevard Project is funded by Lee County and includes utility and streetscape improvements to six miles of Estero Boulevard from Crescent Street to Big Carlos Pass. Two major goals of this project include improving safety for all users (motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians), and improving drainage. Included with the utility updates, Florida Power & Light will improve reliability and relocate utility poles and overhead power lines to the edge of the right-of-way. Click here for more information.
In addition to utility and streetscape improvements, Estero Boulevard will have:
• Sidewalks on both sides of the street for the entire length
• Center turn lanes along much of the corridor
• Trolley pull-offs and stops
• On-road bike lanes from Red Coconut RV Park to the south end of the island
• Safety improvements at crosswalks
• Improved water drainage
• Reliable sidewalk lighting
The construction of this project has been divided into six approximately one-mile segments. Dividing into segments will allow construction for one segment to proceed while the design and permitting of the next is being finalized. Two travel lanes are expected to remain open the majority of the project; however, motorists may experience daytime or nighttime one-lane traffic on Estero Boulevard. Flaggers will alternate traffic frequently, but motorists should expect delays.
Each week a Construction Look Ahead is posted on this website which includes work currently being done and what to expect for the next week. Click here to view the current Construction Look Ahead.
While improvements are being made to Estero Boulevard, the Town of Fort Myers Beach is simultaneously replacing waterlines and storm drainage along Estero Boulevard as well as side streets. Learn more about the reFRESH Fort Myers Beach Waterlines Project.

The reFRESH Fort Myers Beach Waterlines Project is funded by the Town of Fort Myers Beach and is a replacement of existing water mains with a new, more efficient water main system. The project consists of work being done along Estero Boulevard in coordination with the reFRESH Estero Boulevard Project as well as four phases for replacement of waterlines, storm drainage and outfalls on side streets off of Estero Boulevard.
The existing water infrastructure was a mixture of different materials, some dating back to the 1950s. This unreliable system was reaching the end of its life expectancy and a new water system will be more reliable and able to handle the existing and increased demand on the island. The new water mains will also provide better fire protection.
Crews typically work on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Some night and weekend work may be necessary. Initially, construction workers will remove existing roadway and clear right-of-way areas as needed. New water mains will be installed. Once the water main is installed, it will be inspected and tested and finally connected to private properties. Once the new services are operational, existing waterlines will be abandoned or removed, and the roadway will be repaired.
Work for this project began in 2011 with the completion of water main replacement on North Estero. In 2015, the Town completed installation of new waterlines in the Basin Based Neighborhood, Bay Beach Lane, and Laguna Shores as well as Estero Boulevard from Times Square to Red Coconut RV Park. Construction will continue along Estero Boulevard in coordination with the reFRESH Estero Boulevard Project as well as side streets which will be done in phases.
Each week a Construction Look Ahead is posted on this website which includes work currently being done and what to expect for the next week. You can also view the Waterlines Progress At A Glance section or the Phase In Progress section on this website.
Many property owners have installed vegetation and irrigation systems, lighting, signs, planters, statues, etc. within the right-of-way. Unfortunately, these items may be in the path of upcoming construction and will need to be removed or relocated by the property owner prior to construction. The reFRESH Waterlines team can help property owners and tenants identify items located in the right-of-way. Anything that remains in the right-of-way when construction begins will be removed.

Any existing lighting or irrigation systems located within the right-of-way must be removed or capped at the property line. Once construction begins near your property, unnecessary damage to your irrigation system may occur if they remain within the right-of-way. Repairs or excess water consumption, which would result from damaged irrigation systems located within the right-of-way, will be the responsibility of the property owner. Property owners do NOT need to remove or relocate their mailbox. Construction crews will temporarily relocate mailboxes if necessary.
Utility interruptions will be unavoidable. You will experience several planned water shut-offs usually lasting anywhere from 2 to 6 hours at time.
You will receive advance written notification (via notices or door hangers) of planned water shut-offs that will be delivered to your residence or business. Immediately following the water shut-off, you will be advised to boil your water until bacteriological tests have been taken and cleared. This boil water period can last from three to seven days. You will also receive written water rescission notices (via notices or door hangers) that will inform you when the water is safe to drink. This website will include current information for boil water/water shut-off information.

Although you will receive notification about planned water shut-offs, you may also experience unplanned water shut-offs in which you will not have received a notice. Please keep in mind, portions of the existing water system dates back to the 1950s. Old water lines can be damaged or disintegrate unexpectedly during construction. Some existing valves in the water system do not function properly and can be problematic in the case of a water main break. An expanded area of the water system may have to be shut down to make the repair. In this case, we have an emergency plan in place to notify you and work to restore service as soon as possible.

You may want to keep bottled water on hand for planned and emergency water shut-offs.
The Department of Health and the Department of Business and Professional Regulations both require a Boil Water notice to be issued after any water shut-off, planned or emergency. Click here to find boil water regulations for residential or commercial properties.
You will need to boil your water from the time service is restored until you receive a Rescission of Boil Water notice stating the water is safe to drink. This period can last anywhere from three to seven days. Click here to find boil water regulations for residential or commercial properties.
Call the reFRESH Waterlines Team Public Information Officer, Cella Molnar & Associates, Inc. at (239) 337-1071 to report your outage. Most likely you are experiencing an emergency water shut-off due to a water line break. You may be instructed to boil your water when service is restored.
All properties will receive a new water meter as part of this project; however, water meters will remain in their existing locations. The reFRESH Waterlines Team will work with property owners that would like to move their meters off their property and into the right-of-way. Relocation of water meters requires a plumber to move private property plumbing to the new location at the property owner’s expense. Property owners may be able to get a discount by using the same plumber for several properties on the same street or in the same area.
The reFRESH Waterlines Team will work to minimize any inconveniences due to construction. There may be times when entering or exiting your property you may need to wait briefly for construction activities. Some activities such as water main pipe installation and waterline crossings may require lane closures and/or access delays. You may also need to park your vehicle in an area other than your driveway during some construction activities. Our team will notify you when this is necessary. If you have a problem accessing your residence, contact the reFRESH Waterlines Public Information Office, Cella Molnar & Associates, Inc. at (239) 337-1071 immediately.
During construction, the reFRESH waterlines team will ensure continuing public services such as mail delivery, garbage/recycle and lawn services. Sheriff/Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be notified of lane closures and water shut-offs.
The reFRESH Waterlines Project is funded through utility rates. Property owner special assessments will not be collected for this work.

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