Estero Blvd - Segment 4 Details

Segment 4: Lanark Avenue to Albatross Street

The roadway and drainage system in the fourth segment of the project, between Lanark Avenue and Albatross Street, changed due to the varying widths of the right-of-way. Renderings and diagrams are shown below for the two sections within this segment. In the North Section, the roadway and drainage design remained the same from Segment 3 and then widened in the South Section to a crowned roadway with storm drain inlets on each side of the road and an enclosed storm drain pipe on the bay side of Estero Boulevard.

The reconstructed segment provides:

  • 10-foot travel lanes in each direction
  • 11-foot center turn lane
  • 5-foot designated bicycle lanes in each direction
  • 6-foot-wide sidewalks on both sides of the road in the North Section
  • 8-foot-wide sidewalk on the bay side and 6 to 10-foot-wide sidewalk/shared-use path (concrete/asphalt) on the beach side in the South Section
  • Green spaces that separate the roadway from the sidewalk
  • Trolley stops

North Section Rendering

Lanark Avenue to Flamingo Street


North Section Diagram

Lanark Avenue to Flamingo Street


South Section Rendering

Flamingo Street to Albatross Street


South Section Diagram

Flamingo Street to Albatross Street


Roll Plot

Click here for a larger view of the Segment 3/4 (Strandview Ave to Lazy Way) or (Sterling Ave to Albatross Rd) Roll Plots.


Progress Status: Complete

Construction for the sanitary sewer force main installation within Segments 4 began in September 2016. In fall 2019, Waterlines crews are expected to start installing water mains on the gulf and bay sides of Estero Boulevard within this segment. Roadway improvements from Lanark Avenue to Albatross Street will follow Segment 3 with storm drain box installations at side streets expected to be the first construction activities. Above are renderings of the new Estero Boulevard from Lanark Avenue to Albatross Street along with diagrams of the new road and sidewalk layouts.

Segment 4 - Lanark Avenue to Albatross Street100%

sanitary sewer force main

water main *

storm drainage



* Water main construction is handled by the Town of Fort Myers Beach with the reFRESH Fort Myers Beach Waterlines Project and progress may be completed prior to the reFRESH Estero Boulevard Project segment beginning.

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