Refresh Waterlines Details

Town of Fort Myers Beach’s Waterlines Project

The reFRESH Fort Myers Beach Waterlines Project replaced the old, unreliable water infrastructure with a new water system that is dependable and able to handle existing and increasing demand on the island. The project consisted of work being done along Estero Boulevard in coordination with the reFRESH Estero Boulevard Project as well as four phases for replacement of waterlines, storm drainage and outfalls on side streets off of Estero Boulevard.

The project began in 2011 when the Town of Fort Myers Beach completed water main replacement for North Estero Boulevard. In 2015, the Town completed installation of new water mains in Basin Based Neighborhood, Bay Beach Lane and Laguna Shores. In early 2016, new water mains on Estero Boulevard from Times Square to Red Coconut RV Park were installed. The project continued along Estero Boulevard and various side streets.

Key Improvements

  • New water system will be able to handle increasing demand
  • Old materials will be replaced with reliable material to prevent frequent line breaks
  • Water mains will provide better fire protection
Waterlines Side Streets Information

Waterlines Progress at a Glance

Contractors for the Town of Fort Myers Beach are installing new water main and storm drainage including outfalls on the following streets:

Recently Completed Streets

Lagoon Road
Bucanneer Drive
Redfish Road
Tarpon Road
Lenell Road
Bayview Boulevard
PHASE 2, Part 1:
West Side of Old San Carlos Boulevard:
Harbor Court
Bonita Street
Third Street (west of Old San Carlos Blvd)
East Side of Old San Carlos Boulevard:
First Street
Second Street
Third Street (east of Old San Carlos Blvd)
Fifth Street
Crescent Street
PHASE 2, Part 2:
Palermo Circle
Santos Road
Primo Drive
Carlos Circle
Lagoon Street
Matanzas Street
Matanzas Court
Estero Blvd (Albatross Street to end of the island)

In Progress Streets

Project Map

Below is a map of the entire reFRESH Waterlines Project and the reFRESH Estero Boulevard Project.


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